Where to Visit on Your UK Road Trip

There is no denying the fact that the United Kingdom is a beautiful place from an ordinary tourist’s perspective. It has some of the most gorgeous places where a family can spend few days away from the din and pollution that is often associated with urban city life. However, there is a need to do some research and choose the right destination. In this article, we will be looking at a possible road trip in Surrey. We will try and cover the various important places that such a road trip to Surrey can cover.

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Weybridge to Petworth

This is one of the most fascinating road drives. You will have to use A3 and reach Brooklands Museum located in Weybridge. This place has a historical importance. This is the place where British motorsport was first started. As you drive along the A25 route, you will be witness to some of the most gorgeous English countryside. The sleepy little country villages will beckon your heart and you will for sure envy the simple but happy lifestyles that the lead. You also will have a chance to enjoy the famous Cobham Mill and then you could make your way to Effingham. You should then turn to Hollow Lane where you will come across the famous 17th Century Wotton House. As you follow and proceed through the B2126 you will reach Ockley. You have to now take A29 and it will take you to West Sussex and on the way, you will come across Billinghurst. It will not be long before you finish your drive at Petworth.

Guildford to Box Hill

Guildford to Box Hill is a short but fascinating drive and it will take you through A246, A25 amongst other roads like Trodd’s Lane and Shere Road. If you are a Gin lover, you can pay a short visit to the Silent Pool Distillery. Once you are done with your gin drinking you can proceed towards Box Hill. You will be going through some of the most picturesque villages of the countryside and you will simply love the county, Shere. You can also have something to eat at the famous 15th Century Pub known as The White Horse. It would be pertinent to mention here that this pub featured in the famous movie The Holiday. As you move along A25 it will not be long before you are ready for a wonderfully relaxing picnic at Box Hill.


Virginia Water to Dorking

You can start your drive from Virginia Water to Dorking by enjoying a warm coffee at the famous Virginia Water Pavilion. You have to head north-west and take the London Road A30. Yes, you also should be careful and ensure that you take B388, B389, B374, and A317. You also will have a chance to traverse through the scenically beautiful Ranmore Common Road. A few miles drive will bring you to the fascinating town of Dorking. You can spend quite a bit of time lunching and then buying some famous antique for which the town is famous.



The above are just a few examples of the various places that could make your UK Road trip, special and memorable. Surrey is just one of the many counties that offer memorable and valuable road trip experiences.


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