WORLD CLASS BEAUTY! VOTED The Most Beautiful Car In Sweden: It Is 1968 DODGE CHARGER R/T!!!

We have a great honor to review the winner of 2009 “Sweden’s most beautiful car”. Johan Eriksson is the owner of the most beatify car in Sweden for 2009, he is the owner of a 1968 Dodge Charger and he is proud to say that his Charger has been the most beautiful car.

In this short video we can see this amazing blown 1968 Dodge Charger R/T that looks incredible and brand new, right away we can see why this car has been selected as the most beautiful car in Sweden, The look that this car has beats every old and modern car that there is, also the condition that this car is in, it is perfect. We can see that it has been fully restored and it has been taken care of really well. It has that classical Charger old timer muscle car look with a shiny black paint and shiny metallic bumpers. Also there is the whole engine staring out from the hood. It’s not a Charger if we can’t see the engine through the hood.

It is always amazing to see people taking care of their cars like Johan Eriksson does. I hope we see more videos from this 1968 Charger!


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