W16 Engine Explained: A MODERN ENGINEERING MARVEL, The Veyron’s W16 Engine Is One Of The MOST IMPRESSIVE AND EXOTIC Engine Layouts To Reach Production!

We have all seen the Bugatti Veyron engine which is a W16 on some picture but what we don’t know about the engine is how it really works. This is the main goal of the video, to get explained this great W16 engine and to see how it is placing all that power to the wheels of the Bugatti Veyron, making it so fast street legal car available for purchase on the market.

The W16 engine is one of the craziest engines that has been given to production and then placed on a Bugatti. You have seen before when we explained the VR6 engine that is made by Volkswagen and you know how this engine works. So the Bugatti Veyron W16 engine is like two VR6 engines put together to power the wheels. Now this seems crazy enough and we know that it will be giving a lot of power, but does it work same like the VR6 or are there some changes made by Bugatti?

Starting to explain the process of working of this engine we need to start with the air intake unit. We all know that this particular W16 engine has FOUR turbochargers which are making it a quad turbo engine. This is crazier than you thought already? Wait until the best part of it comes next. Having the intercooler will get the job done better, so the air from the turbochargers enter the intercooler which basically is an air to water cooler making the air suitable to enter the engine.

Having the two VR6 like engines connected means that there are two turbochargers working on each side and it simplifies the process right there. The two are connected to the same common crank and then this power is going to the transmission. The host is going to explain the Bugatti Veyron W16 engine much better with presentation too.


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