MAD FUN At Work! Watch How This Crazy Guy TRANSFORMS A FORKLIFT Into The Ultimate Demolition Vehicle!

They are many ways how to use a forklift, and usually we use it to lift something but this guy found something else that a forklift can do.

The guy in the video is using the fork to destroy a construction barrack, I don’t know if anyone had thought of this but this is the first time I see a forklift used for this kind of work. I suppose the man was bored and he wanted to have some fun at work so he decided to try this method out, and to be honest it was effective, it might have took some time before the barrack was demolished but it got the job done. Also we have seen many videos of forklifts doing some amazing stuff that they should not be able to do. But this case surpasses them all. It’s full with passion and mad love about this vehicle.

Anyway at the end we can’t judge a man who only wanted to have some crazy fun, after all no one got hurt and the job got done. Enjoy the video friends!


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