Watch The Trailer For ‘Action Figures’, The New Movie Of Travis Pastrana! The Actors Went Completely Nuts…

Here comes the spectacular trailer for the new film by Travis Pastrana. The film, known as ‘Action Figures’, will star Travis, one of the most successful racers of the X Games itself, although there are also many of his friends, all professional riders in different disciplines.You can not lose the scenes, this is probably the best video you’ll see today!

‘Action Figures’, remember well that name because over the year 2015 for sure it’s going to be talking about. This is the new movie that will launch Travis Pastrana and we can already see the first trailer for which we anticipated seeing spectacular and ‘crazy’ maneuvers on two, three and four wheels.

The trailer for the new film by Travis Pastrana, helps us get an idea of what you can find in the film. Stunts with bikes and cars, vertigo parachute jumps, risky maneuvers with mountain bikes, fast rally cars or dangerous stunts on the snow, these are just some of the content they have prepared for ‘Action Figures’.

As you can imagine, as they had to pull out all those risky maneuvers on two and four wheels for the film, the most critical moments were also filmed with cameras. We refer to accidents and falls, something that these guys are more than accustomed. There are times when things do not go as planned, that is what you have to find the limits and go further than anyone has ever been.


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