WATCH THIS RACE Of Nissan GT-R vs Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series!!! Heavy Battle Of Two Colossal Superfast Cars –

The boys in have returned to the fray with a series of videos where come face to face the best sports cars in the world. The first is that we show today, and it is a race of the Nissan GT-R against the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series.

Both models are modified, the GT-R rides a beastly engine that yields 851 hp while the Mercedes SL65 AMG engine renders the not inconsiderable power of 670 hp with torque electronically limited to 1,000 Nm. The most impressive on the video that we show is to see how the GT-R gets rid of the Mercedes with astonishing ease.

While it is true that it is a drag race style, and the GT-R is shown to be clearly superior, I would like to see the two face to face in a circuit, because we all know that the best sport is not the most runs in a straight line if it has not performed as the best in a circuit.

Enjoy the view!


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