Watch This Unbelievable Toyota Land Cruiser Boat !!! When It Comes To Russia Nothing Can Surprise Us!

Imagine you are going fishing with your friends in the middle of a lake and you see some strange object sailing in the water.

At first it’s too far to notice what is really going on but as it is coming closer you can’t believe your eyes! Damn you say, what’s that? Is it a “USO” (unidentified sailing object) from the underworld or it is the Loch Ness monster migrated in our lake in Russia.

One thing is for sure your fishing day is over, there is no way that you will catch some fish after this SUV boat passed near you. The fishes are deadly scared and escaped on the deepest place in the lake.

Yeah you read it right: SUV vehicle adapted for sailing! And yeah baby, that’s Toyota Land Cruiser custom made for crazy sailing. For sure the vent tubes are on the top of the SUV and there is some additional transmission which moves this lake monster.

But just notice on the video how smoothly it came out of the lake! These guys knew what they were doing. If you are an extreme hunter or a fisherman then for sure you will need SUV like this. Tell us what you think in the comments.


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