WET ‘N’ WILD TRUCK SPIN OUT: This Requires Some Supernatural DRIFT Skills Or Just Huge Luck?

Honestly we doubt that what was demonstrate on the video were skills. The Dodge Ram driver just had a huge luck or you might don’t share the same viewpoint with us.

Every one of you who has miles and miles of driving history behind has experienced some similar situation, and only the experience and the right movement at that time can prevent you from serious car accident.

The driver with the Dodge was driving on his lane but on his lane appeared truck in front of him so he decided to pass it but suddenly he was surprised by the horn of the vehicle from where the video is recorded, and if he was flying with his thoughts somewhere else instead of the road that’s what is happening!

In those moments of panic the driver performed mathematically exact spin and returned on his lane, real miracle and the Dodge didn’t even scratched another car.  He had huge luck and corrected himself immediately.

We must admit that the weather conditions are really bad and if your attention is not on the road and you are not watching carefully on the mirrors this can happen to you, but everything is ok when it finishes without accident. Watch the video to see the incredible spin.


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