What An Amazing Sight: Something Lightened The Night Sky In New Zealand! WAS IT A METEOR OR UFO?

Imagine this perfect scenario. There is one night in the month where the highways are free from police. Perfect time and place for some crazy ride with your mighty 3.9-liter V6 turbocharged, 400hp car.

Yeah, days before you were convincing your friends how you were rocking the previous “free highway” night, but no one wanted to believe you. You got angry and bought LUKAS LK-7900 ACE dashboard camera to show them who’s the boss.

And the day is finally here, you are waiting for the night, installing the camera, feeding the beast at the gas station and checking everything that needs to be checked. The night has arrived and you are on your way, everything around you is quiet and the perfect ground for crazy ride.

You get on the highway, turn on the camera and start to accelerate when suddenly something flashes the dark sky, instant flash that even your eyes hurt, what would you do?

Watch the video, maybe this guy doesn’t have this scenario and the imagined car but for sure the light scary him.


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