What Does Bendix Do?

If you work as a commercial heavy-duty truck driver or are interested in this line of work, you will probably have an active interest in these larger vehicles. As well as the actual manufacturers of trucks and models that are commonly used, it is also important to have an active interest in the various parts and components that the vehicles rely on to run properly and the manufacturers behind those, as they are not often designed and made by the truth manufacturers themselves.

One name you may have come across time and time again, especially if you have older relatives or friends in the industry who worked in the past as truck drivers, is Bendix. Most in the industry are familiar with the name Bendix because they were responsible for designing the Bendix Drive engagement mechanism for starter motors in the internal combustion engines of large trucks.

Is that all the company does, though? Let’s find out.


Brief History of Bendix

Bendix Corporation, now known as Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems and part of the Knorr-Bremse Group, originally was an American engineering and manufacturing company that was active as an individual company between 1924 and 1983, designing and making automotive brake systems and shoes, vacuum tubes, electric power systems, automobile and aircraft fuel control systems, aeronautical hydraulics and aircraft brakes.

They are considered to be the first company to introduce truly landmark technologies for use in air brake systems like ABS, air dryers, and air compressors into the commercial vehicle market in North America.


Modern Bendix

Modern Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is responsible for the development and supply of cutting-edge active safety technologies, air bake charging, energy management solutions, and other important components for a multitude of medium and heavy-duty vehicles like buses, trailers, tractors, trucks, and more, used in the United States.

They employ over 3,200 and are still considered a pioneer within the industry.


Key Facts About Bendix Parts and Products

Bendix is the manufacturer many in the industry turn to when they want innovative, reliable, high quality, and high-performance air brake components and complete systems. They are one of the most popular OEM suppliers of these systems and parts for use in many high-profile vehicles made by some of the best manufacturers in the world.

Their focus is always on the system as a whole, rather than just one individual component or part. Their product line covers everything from industry-standard air dryers and driver assistance systems to stability systems, ABS, valves, and compressors.


Strong Company Values

One of the things that set Bendix, and in their partnership with Knorr-Bremse, is their company and corporate values. They are what defines their purpose and guides the way they can relate to others, whether its clients or customers.

Their main defining values are entrepreneurship, technological excellence, reliability, passion, and responsibility.


Where Do They Manufacture Their Products?

The main headquarters of Bendix is at Elyria in Ohio. However, that is not where their products are actually made. Products, systems, components, and parts bearing the Bendix branding are designed and manufactured at several cutting-edge and modern facilities, their Centers of Excellence are found in Acuna, Mexico, Huntington, Indiana, and Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Although the company is not operating as an independent anymore and has changed hands many times over the years, from Allied Corporation to Honeywell and to Knorr-Bremse, the reputation that was established almost from the very inception of the company, has remained with it. This is why so many medium and heavy vehicle firms rely on getting important components, parts, and complete systems emblazoned with Bendix branding. It is seen as a sign of reliability and high-quality products.


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