What Happens To This Toyota SUV Is UTTERLY CATASTROPHIC AND IMPRESSIVE At The Same Time! 1500HP+ ANNIHILATES The Engine On The Dyno!!!

In the Middle East they have deserts that require special kinds of vehicles in order to travel through them, and here we have one. The buggy used to drive across the sand dunes is put to the test on the dyno in order to see how much power they can out of it.

The buggy is equipped with a Toyota 1500 hp engine, and they want to take the most of it. But this is not a good idea taking in consideration that the engine is not in the perfect condition to be put to the test on the dyno, and now we know why there are no people standing around the vehicle.

We can see the enormous turbocharger sticking out of the engine, and that is how we know that there is going to be a bad day for the engine. They rev the engine to full throttle couple of times and then the most expected situation happens. The whole engine blows up right on the spot, on the dyno rig, crashing the engine block into small pieces and melting the total structure of the vehicle in the front.

Check it out, you might learn something.


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