What Kind Of FUEL ECONOMY Does A Hummer Get? Doug DeMuro HYPERMILED His Hummer To Find Out!

First thing that comes to everyone’s head when they see a Hummer is how does this guy pay the gas bills. It must cost a lot. The Hummer must spend a lot of fuel. Just because of that reason our good friend Doug DeMuro has made a gas challenge just to demonstrate to the world about all the talks that Hummer gets. He decided to take a road trip. He is going to drive an hour and a half just to push it to its limits. This will show us how much gas does the Hummer actually spent.

He is filling up the Hummer with fuel as he usually does. This guy says that he can drive less, but it would be much more interesting if he is driving around one hour. The base problem when you are driving the Hummer is that is that it is really loud. The second base problem is that the Hummer’s top speed is around sixty which means that you will get passed by everybody. He has used only quarter gas tank in 40 miles. In fact Doug DeMuro makes some great calculations that show us the real numbers that the Hummer actually spends. We can notice that he has done anything he could just to lower the sound that the Hummer was making. He managed to make it.

We will leave you to watch the video to the end. We would not want to spoil everything. It is quite interesting and you will finally see the real numbers about the gas bills. Many people just hear people say that the Hummer spends a lot fuel and they believe it without knowing and arguments and facts. This is wrong, but that is how people function. However just check out the video and tell us did you guess right or wrong about how much fuel the Hummer spends!


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