WHAT’S THE BEST THING That Can Happen To An Excavator Enthusiast? An Inside Look At “Dig This”Theme Park…

When your talk about an inventive idea for a brand new business I think that this has passes the test.

Dig This is what seems to be the new attraction in Las Vegas besides the strip clubs and the casinos. After a failed attempt at a construction job, the owner had a bright idea how to get back his invested money. He thought of everyone who wanted to be a construction worker and who wanted to operate heavy construction machinery and he had an excellent idea, to open his construction site to everyone who wants to try and operate an excavator.

And by the looks of it we can see that many people are interested in this kind of “fun”, some even come from all across the country just to sit in one of these excavators and operate and learn how to dig holes and move rocks for fair amount of money. And the employees at Dig This who teach the customers how to operate the machine, are telling us that everyone who came said that they will be back for sure and that everyone leaves with a big smile from that construction lot.

If you’re a construction machinery enthusiast I suggest you go and try out this innovative new idea the next time you’re visiting Vegas.


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