ABSOLUTE VIDEO PROOF: This Is Why The Autopilot Of The Amazing Tesla Model S Is DEFINITELY Much Better Than The Others!!!

Without a doubt, Tesla Motors is a high-tech company and all its products are such.

It is not only the electrics which make the vehicles of Tesla Motors so different than other cars. An example of this is the system for autonomous driving featured in the Model S, whose latest update is already available for owners. The company explained that the work of this system is based on 12 long-rage ultrasonic sensors so you control everything around the vehicle at a distance of 5 meters at any speed.

Here is the camera, radar and satellite positioning and safety in any possible dangerous situations care digitally controlled electric servo braking system with high precision. The joint operation of these subsystems allows such maneuvers as automatic lane change, something that works flawlessly but drivers have yet to gain full confidence in. That’s why the crew at Tesla stated that their vehicles do not offer automated driving, that hands should be on the steering wheel at all times and that the driver is still responsible for controlling the vehicle.

We present to you one of the many videos about the autonomous system of the Tesla Model S in which it is best demonstrated how it works in reality.

P.S. The option for automatic avoidance of parking tickets is not included in this update.


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