What A WILD RIDE For Murder Nova At Lights Out VII Radial Race At South Georgia Motorsports Park! POWER WHEELIE OVER HALF TRACK!!!

Even the members of the team that has been building this car were surprised when the Murder Nova went up straight. Not many cars can do that because lots of power is needed to lift the car on two wheels and the driver did the right thing there. He held the car straight as she went up and he won the race fair and square. When the audience saw the Chevy Nova going up in the air they started cheering so it could win and after the finish delirium was on the stage. It is good that there were cameras to catch the two times lifting up in the air and now we get to see them both.

Before the race started at South Georgia Motorsports Park there was a great burnout done so that the tires can warm up and get ready for what the engine was up to. This is one hell of an engine that can lift the car on two wheels and because of the modified differential on the car it stayed straight on the track. If it moved a little bit on the side the race would be over in a moment. The driver held the steering wheel and he just prayed that the car didn’t stray from the track.

It would be a shame if it crashed, it wouldn’t see the finish of the race at all. The driver with the other car was so surprised too, he didn’t expect this from the Chevy Nova at all. He thought that this will be an easy win, but as it turns out nothing went as planned.

After the race the driver is watching the video where he lifts the car two times and he cannot even believe what he has done there, great job you great driver, make sure you do it again.


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