With 1,000 HP This 4×4 Buggy Of Tim Cameron Is Leveling Everything In Its Path!

This is literally the ultimate offroad machine called ‘Ultra Bouncer’ and just watch the video so you will pretty much get the idea how and it got the name. This 4×4 buggy with its 1,000 hp GM LSX engine can pass over any surface, making monstrous roars that are able to move whole mountains. One hell of a ride!

We wouldn’t give you much of details nor do we want to bother you with our deep impressions of this infernal machine built to defy mother nature with its song of the horsepower gods. It is best that you watch the video, as it says it all. Just take our friendly advice: turn up the speakers a little bit. There is a sound you’ll want to hear well.

Enjoy watching this great compilation featuring amazing scenes with this buggy driven by its famous builder Tim Cameron. Here you can see Tim driving it like there’s no tomorrow not even wearing a helmet. I wonder why?!


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