I ADORE THIS CAMARO – Witness Project OverClock of the Pro-Touring ’67 Camaro LS2 !!!

Justin Smith’s OverClock restoration project of the 1967 Pro-Touring Chevrolet Camaro is a perfect example of a loyal and worthy love for the legendary Chevy Camaro.

Justin Smith bought the Camaro in 2003, and declared that this 1967 Pro-Touring Chevy Camaro is destined for a revival. The whole restoration process took a long period of 8.5 years and an approach by threedifferent garages during. The Camaro was first shown during a week of the 2011 edition of AutoRama in Houston when it took the second place in the Hardtop multiplication.

The owner had invested more than his usual amount of time and budget for a project, and with greatpleasure said that he is very proud with this particular car, as they incited every wrench. Smith also participated in the design of the car.

This bad to the bone Camaro is powered by a LS2 short-block engine with 500 hp and volume of 6.0liter, while its power is shifted through the 6 speed M12 T-56 transmission.


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