Witness The IMPRESSIVE RE-EVOLUTION Of The 1970 Dodge Challenger Till This Day In This SUPER COOL COMMERCIAL!!!

Back in the days when there was no internet and online sales, no motor shows, the factories needed to find a way to promote their products, the cars per say, and to sell more units.

The word of mouth is good, but when the people see the commercial on their TV at home, they know that this company means business, and they will buy from there. This 1970 Dodge Challenger commercial is great, and it attracted many customers from the day one on the air. The car is very good also, the Dodge Challenger was produced in many series, now we have the 1970 production on the commercial.

The commercial starts with the driver starting the engine, revving it a little bit and then leaving from the scene with a small drift. This is a great way to show that this Dodge Challenger has power to offer to the customer, and nobody would regret buying it.

The wooden dashboard looks cool inside the car, and the clear to see units on the gadgets are the real deal. It has a 426 Hemi engine, which is known to deliver great horsepower to the tires of the car.

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Posted by Inferno Garage on Saturday, December 19, 2015


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