Wrapping A Nissan GTR R35 ROSE GOLD CHROME! The Car Is So Sick And That Rose Gold Is Epic! WHAT DO YOU SAY?!

It is cool when you buy a car or any kind of vehicle, but it is even better when you unwrap it or wrap it. We have seen some cool unpacking, but we never thought that we are going to see so great wrapping. This guy was waiting for months to get his wrapped car. He also chose amazing wrapping material, rose gold chrome . He is super excited. First thing first, we see the workshop where he is going to leave his GTR to get wrapped. We see that the workshop is pretty busy and they have some cars in there.

The Nissan GTR is entirely black. They are going to wrap it all in rose gold chrome . Actually this guy who is wrapping the vehicle, has never wrapped any other car in rose gold, only his Ferrari. He explains us all the detail we need to know about the wrapping and which parts exactly are going to be wrapped and which parts are going to stay unwrapped. Clearly he is pretty excited that he is going to wrap the Nissan GTR and he thinks that it will be special.

Eventually they start wrapping the car and it is a lot interesting because we see the whole process going on. They caught every little detail while they did the wrapping. It is fascinating. You also need to see the wrapped Ferrari. It looks wonderful just as the GTR. These are the only two cars wrapped in chrome rose gold. They look amazing, in fact they look perfect. We hope that this guy is going to wrap other cars with the same wrapping material and with the same wrapping color, because it looks cool. This is the first rose gold wrapped vehicle we see, but what about you? Have you ever seen a car with the same wrapping color? Watch the video and let us know.


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