1,000 HP TURBO Chevy Silverado ‘Heavy Chevy’ Battles Modified 2014 Nissan GTR R35!

Both vehicles are certainly not stock models, but the difference in aerodynamics is enormous.

The gentlemen at ThatRacingChannel presented this excellent video, which depicted the battle between the 1000+ hp strong pick-up Chevrolet Silverado, nicknamed “Heavy Chevy” and 2014 Nissan GT-R R35 (engine power undisclosed) with modifications from AMS and ETS. The Silverado is not a supercar, but it is obviously not afraid to challenge the iconic GTR R35.

On the side of the ‘Heavy Chevy’ is a 6-liter LQ9 short block with improved crank, pistons and rods, boosted by the huge PT94 turbochargers and TH400 transmission, and the strengths of the loud Godzilla is the weight, aerodynamics, all-wheel drive, race intercooler by AMS and a 4-inch titanium exhaust by ETS.

You can bet on it whoever you like, but do not forget that even the most notorious favorites can sometimes lose by those of whom you couldn’t even think of. Enjoy watching this great race on the following video:


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