(1260 AWHP) Mat Black Nissan Skyline R34 Skyline GTR NUR Spec II – Ready for a Fight!

So what happens when you complete your budget and go out and try to decide which of the many fast cars out there you should buy? Which one will become your new sweetheart? Well, if you are a typical gearhead, despite all those choices you have in front of you (Porsche, Dodge Hellcat, Mitsubishi…), one thing always pops out– GTR!

I mean, even if you are not a hard core Skyline addict, it is impossible not to take some of the various variants into a consideration. The only question remaining is which GTR you should buy!

The guys on the video that you are about to see had obviously made their choice and now they are inspecting other details. It is a beautifully preserved Nissan R34 Skyline GTR NUR Spec II and according to the video info, it has been garaged for a while. So now, its potential owners are listening to the engine sound and try to make up their mind.

I don’t think much more thinking is needed. Just look at it and listen to that wonderful engine music!


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