13 CRAZY 2JZ Engine Swaps Of All Time!!! You Will WORSHIP This Engine After Seeing This!!!

It is like magic, just place the 2JZ engine into something that has some wheels and there you go. Having the ultimate race car that is powered by one of the best engines out there without having to worry about winning the race. The one thing that you have to worry about when you have the 2JZ strapped is the fuel tank. It will go low on gas every time that you step on the pedal to the floor. But we are all about that, making donuts and making those quarter mile races like a joke.

But it is not easy to find the 2JZ engine to make a swap for the car. You will have to be persistent in the quest and to choose the right one. If the engine has been flooded or overheated you will spend more money for the rebuilding than you have bought it, so be careful while purchasing these monsters. But it is almost certain that if you are going to buy the 2JZ for your project car is that you have enough money to rebuild it too, so choose the right parts supplier and you can begin the build.

A lot of these cars that are wearing and using the 2JZ engine for the power had some serious modifications done on them. There is the transmission modification in order to attach it to the engine as not all fit it. That’s why it is always good to have a mechanic on your side that knows his field not some rookie that could ruin everything. Some rat rods were built to carry the 2jz engine and they are proudly doing it. With the straight pipe exhaust system the best sound will be extracted from it but make sure that you wear ear plugs while driving.


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