1929 Mack AK Chain Drive Dump Truck!!! ULTIMATE TRUCK LOVERS’s DESIRE !

This video features a 1929 Mack AK dump truck which was restored with great affection and appreciation by Lou De Beradinis, a man who works in the materials business in Florida. From the video you can learn more about the history and restoration of this truck,its specifications, and also there is anice footage of Lou De Beradinis cruising down the road with it. The top speed of the Mack AK truck is 40 mph, weighing about 20,000 pounds while running on a 77 hp engine, so the acceleration is not its strongest side either, but nevertheless this is a pretty nice truck to look at it.

When I see Lou driving this truck with great pleasure and I realize that people drove these trucks for years (some of the Mack AK and AC models run just fine during the ‘60s) so it’s not very hard to see why old school truck drivers enjoy teasing the new blood. Among the special “luxuries” that this dump truck had were rubber pucks underneath the seats.  Having to manage the wheel and actually lean to the front in order to shift the truck, this was not exactly theone place in which soft guys would hung out very long. This is for tough men only!

This Mack AK dump truck will be transported to a truck show via lowboy. Be sure to watch this great video 🙂


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