1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept By Carrozzeria Boano Torino

To make the American cars more stylish and with a grandiose concepts, all non-GM American car brands merged with Italian styling houses. Thus, Ghia paired with Chrysler, Carrozerria Touring with Hudson, and Bertone with Packard. Lincoln acted alike, but the company had to conform with getting a not so renowned name, Felice Paolo. 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis

Paolo dresses a rolling chassis with bespoke coupe bodywork somewhere before the Turin motor show. This show presented the Carrozzeria Boano Torino`s 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Exclusive Study finished in orange lacquer paint. Moreover, this concept car will be showcased at RM Auctions this November, where it is expected this car`s million dollar price tag to boom. 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis The sporty coupe has large pontoon fender shapes in front and back. In front of each door, there is sawed-off (faux) exhaust. The fender panel and shutlines flow nicely into the windshield graphic. The Indy concept’s front and rear windshields are made of wide glass. The front and rear fenders have a halfhearted racing flag and small chrome embellishment. The better chrome designing is more prominent in the coach-builder’s badges. 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis The trunk panel is stuffed with a central gas filler cap made of chrome, which leaves a small space or not space at all for luggage. The rear has light housings and rounded oval fenders, while the top features a 3D red brake ball. The finishing touch is the rear unusual bumper. Under the hood of this Lincoln, there is a 5.6-liter V-8 engine with a four-speed automatic transmission which delivers 255 horsepower.


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