1957 Plymouth Belvedere BURIED UNDERGROUND As A Part Of A Contest And Soaked In Water Years Later! CAN IT STAND AGAINST THE TIME?

In 1957 as a part of a weird contest a Plymouth Belvedere, a brand new one was buried above the ground in concrete built underground object which was filled with water. The place is outside the county side on the 6th and Denver.

After 50 years the car was unearthed on 15th June 2007! We still don’t have the information in what condition was the car and if it succeeded to beat all the time frames and create a history for its own! The car was covered with cosmoline, a metal preservative which is supposed to protect even from nuclear radiation and also wrapped in plastic!

The reason why this Plymouth was buried was Oklahoma Centennial celebrations, 50 years after the burying event!

Now watch the video how this event and the Plymouth Belvedere entered the history and what the still living spectators have to say about it! Actually it’s a great idea to leave a heritage to your predecessors on this way, burying a special car and don’t tell them at all. You’ll surprise them in 50 years! What do you think about this?

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