MEAN OLD GERMAN BEAST: 1959 VW Beetle With 300HP And ENORMOUS TURBO Running For The First Time!

Anyone who has ever worked on a car knows the sweet and beautiful sound that comes out of the car when it’s turned on for the first time. That might be one of the most priceless sound for every car lover. And now we have an amazing video of a guy who made a 1959 VW Beetle into a 300 HP beast. Yes he made a Beetle faster than a Porsche and Lamborghini!!!

From the video we can see this guy has put some real work into this old timer. From the inside and the outside look we can see that he has kept everything as simple as it can be. The car looks and feels like it is 1960 all over again but when we see the engine things change. He has put an enormous turbo charger to his 300 HP engine. Besides the look we can also hear the sound that the car makes, and as I said before, amazing…. I can just imagine how the guy feels driving this car for the first time after the restoration!

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