1964 Cadillac in Big Muscle!

From the 1930s up to 1970s Cadillac was the real deal! If you were an American, you would have definitely not purchased a Mercedes or Rolls, but a Cadillac! This 1964 Cadillac DeVille drop-top
was the right choice! Under the hood, there is a blown 468 cubic-inch big block with a 6-71 blower on top which delivers 600 horsepower.

1964 Cadillac

The guy from Big Muscle encountered this extravagant vehicle while walking through a Californian car show. After exchanging a few words with owner Ron Dean, he prepared the car for its debut on BIG MUSCLE. The old-Deville is 20-feet long, and its performance should definitely not be undermined. It is a perfect combination of performance and style.

Exterior-wise, this Cadillac got a glossy black finish with red highlights. Lots of steel and chrome were used for its build. The interior is all red leather stitched including the steering wheel, as well as dashboard. It looks like this Cadillac does not have a belt, but on the contrary, in 1964 existed belts, but lap ones. That`s why they look “invisible.”

The Big Muscle judged: “This is definitely not your everyday `64 Cadillac.”


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