Two Classic Muscle Cars In A Battle Full Of Fire – 1967 426 Hemi Plymouth GTX vs 1970 440 6 Pack Dodge Challenger!

Every time we find a video of a drag race with legendary muscle cars, we feel as our obligation to share it with you.

Today we have an excellent footage featuring a drag race with two muscle legends: a beautiful 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, which has a 440 Six-Pack with three two barrel carburetors under the hood which produces 390 hp. It does not get much better than this, especially when you take it into an account that only 2035 of them were made that year.

On the other side, here is a 1967 Plymouth GTX – one of the top performance cars of the 1960s, earning the nickname “The Gentleman’s Muscle Car” in its early years of production. It comes equipped with a 426 Hemi engine with two four barrel carburetors able to produce 425 HP, one of the 733 copies produced in 1967.

In this Mopar drag race, the match is between a 440 Six Pack against a 426 Hemi. Who do you think will have the strength to win?

So, if you are into American drag racing history into some heavy action, this footage is just the thing for you. Enjoy the show!


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