1967 Ford Mustang GT In EPIC REVIEW From Wheeler Dealers: Made Famous By Steve McQueen In Bullitt, This Is A HEAVYWEIGHT AMONGST CLASSIC CARS!!!

A 1967 Ford Mustang GT fastback is an iconic car which has piece of America. Each curve of the 1967 Mustang GT is different story but yet an aerodynamic supporter for the engine, keeping the car glued to the asphalt while the mighty V8 is revving and releasing the hell out of 300 horse power.

This car is not only American, we consider it as a global heritage which marked the 60s of the past century while demonstrating pure muscle power. It can be said that all started from it! Believe us you want to own this car because it will spin around more heads than a Ferrari, simply because it’s a legend.

Mike from Wheeler Dealers got a good piece for the purpose of the video, a well preserved red Mustang GT fastback which probably inspired him even more and burned the desire to own his own. Mike said one other interesting thing about the 1967 Ford Mustang GT: it is heavy weight muscle car, and when you press the gas pedal it lifts up the front wheels and froze this car down the road, and this is completely true. Those who tried know the best.

This review wouldn’t be the same if Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers is not our presenter. Probably this video for the 1967 Mustang GT is shot before he bought his own 1967 fastback. You can hear from his voice how much he wanted this car, how much he desired to take control over the 5.0-liter V8 and harness the 300 horses.

Mike is the king when the word comes to 1967 Mustang GT reviews and only he can say so juicy words in short period of time simply because he loves Mustangs. Hit the play button on the video bellow and enjoy it.


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