1969 Dodge Charger Is One Hell Of A Beast! One Clean Mean Muscle Car Machine !!!

Without a doubt, 1969 Dodge Charger is one of the best muscle cars ever seen, if not the best. Just looking at this car and you sense the strong spirit of a pure breed American muscle car. There are a large number of modifications and tunings for this model today, and a person cannot decide which one is more awesome. Well, here is one of them, and for me personally, this is my favorite.

Behind this gorgeous looking 1969 Dodge Charger painted in burnt orange, lay the creative hands and minds of the people of Year One’s Ghostworks Garage. It took about a year to make this be(a)st Charger which was labeled “Big Time.” And the name was given to this car not without a reason.

Under the hood of “Big Time” was installed a 426 cc 6.1L HEMI Gen III engine with a Techco intercooled supercharger, and paired with a 5-speed 545RFE automatic transmission. By looking at the video below you could easily see that this 1969 Charger is quite unique.

The body of the car is very impressive to watch: it rides on massive Forgeline wheels, 18”x9” on the front and 19”x13” in the rear, wrapped in BF Goodrich g-Force KDW tires (275/35ZR18 and 345/30ZR19 respectively) with a nice set of Baer 13” 6-piston brakes.


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