1969 Dodge Charger RT 440 V8 Has Very Loud And Beastly Exhaust Sound! This Is PURE AMERICAN MUSCLES Baby!!!

The classic car that has won the hearts of every car fan or classic lover, the 1969 Dodge Charger RT is here with slightly modified features. Shiny black color painted by a professional on the body seems like the conventional color for all the Dodge Charger RT cars out there but here it is a special one. With special shiny finish at the end there is no other that looks like this on the sunlight. Maybe it is too black because the rims of the car are also painted in black with only one chromed stripe on the edge near the tire. This stripe is needed for contrast but maybe they should have made it bigger, but it is their choice.

The interior of the car is looking so great that you would never want to get out of it. All the stock and original components are still on the dashboard that looks flashy now. It has been shined to perfection and all the gadgets have been replaced with new (the ones that were not working) and they are all in good condition now. The steering wheel is a race type one for better handling and for safer drive. The gearshift stick is racer one too, so that it would be much easier to shift the gears while racing with the ’69 Dodge Charger RT.

It was cool that the hood was opened of the car and we could see the massive V8 engine inside. Now that is a beast that is waiting to unleash its power on the race track. The engine has been refurbished and now it is looking like new, all the wiring has been redone, and the air intake tubes have been changed too.

Everything is in perfect order we are just waiting for the race video.


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