ULTIMATE BEHEMOTH – 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Street Machine By Custom Classics and Restorations!

Not exactly new born but reincarnated in better, full light. Astonishing rebuild we must admit, but when we tell what it’s all about, you will be astonished also. And trust us, we are never wrong, yeah, we deliver to you only the best, all the time, forever until we exist.

And what about this model, what do you want to know? What if we tell you that it is rebuilt on the stock chassis with custom suspension to fit the body as the stock model but keeping the geometry?

The car is lowered to the ground with custom transmission tunnel but you can’t notice it because these guys at North Carolina’s Custom Classics and Restorations did their job perfectly, preserving the good drive line angles. The owner Eddie Gramisci borrowed them his pet and did the right thing.

You all know what is making this car mighty and that’s not just the look, it’s also the engine. This beast has a big heart, Chrysler RB-series OHV V-8 with 440 cubic inches displacement stroked to 512 with custom 5-speed manual transmission. What do you think, how much power can produce this pumped heart?

And what about the mad black color and the chromed details on the body with titanium color stripes? Looks amazing, the engine is also painted with titanium color. For more details watch the video and hear what the master who built it has to tell you about it.


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