OMG! Fabulous 1970 Dodge Super Bee Gets Humiliated by 1000 HP Nissan Skyline GT-R R32!

I’m not going to lie to you if I tell you that American muscle cars from the late 60s and the entire 70s are my most favorite cars, so I get very excited and find myself in a state of total suspense when there is a drag race (or any kind of race for that matter) that involves American muscle cars. So I/we are in a constant search for great new video with some of the abovementioned American muscle cars that will give us the proper dosage of adrenalin rush and ultimate thrill.

That is how we are coming up to this video clip, but I have got to tell you right away, that if you feel the same way about muscle cars, than you are also going to be deeply disappointed, unlike the GT-R fans, who will be over the moon.

So, we have one great 1970 Dodge Super Bee in black, and on the other side of the lane there is this monster 1 000 HP Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, on a drag strip (which is actually an airstrip), somewhere in Hungary, Europe. And what happens is that the Super Bee is getting totally embarrassed and humiliated, as the R32 is leaving it many yards behind as it crosses the finish lane. I do not have anything more to add except that they should find another driver for that awesome car the next time! Check it out!


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