1970 Pontiac GTO THE JUDGE Built By Bodie Stroud Shown At 2015 SEMA Motor Show: FEELING EXCITED ABOUT IT?

Is there a man that doesn’t like The Judge? We have seen this car in so many movies and so many companies made a restoration on this car. It has been used in drag racing and various racing competitions.

Everywhere you look there is a Judge revving, so here at the SEMA Motor Show 2015 we have the honor to witness the best looking 1970 Pontiac GTO, The Judge. It was built by Bodie Stroud Industries and cheers to them for the great job done with this car.

The red paint shining, the massive tires sticking out of the frame of the car, look really nicely there. Bodie Stroud claims that the restorations is fully authentic because it is matching numbers restoration so there is no question about authenticity of the parts on the car.

The engine is still the stock one and that is what surprised us. It is a 400ci Tam Air III Engine that is well known among the car builders, it is very reliable, easy to fix and really powerful engine. It is rated at 366 horsepower at the maximum rpm and we think it’s enough. Check the beautifully restored Pontiac GTO, The Judge at the video bellow taken at SEMA 2015.


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