1972 CUTLASS CONVERTIBLE On 24” Forgiatos with Gunmetal Spectraflair Paint By Shoplyfe At MLK Car Show 2016! ONE SICK OLD SCHOOL!

This is one mean 1972 Cutlass which looks like it is coming from the Pimp My Ride show. There is a perfect paint job done on the body of the car, it is the gunmetal spectra flair paint, which is new to the cars world and it looks perfect every time that is used on one. It costs too much to paint a car with this new technology but it looks like a million dollars car now.

The wheels that are mounted on the car are very expensive and good looking too, with some low profile tires it looks like a car for a rapper. The rims are Forgiato made, meaning they got quality and durability that goes along with the looks too. The best thing about this car is that it is a convertible, so when rolling down the streets with it, everybody will know that it is you and you will be glad to have this great car.

The interior of the car has been refurbished too, now made better and more comfortable for the long rides with this 1972 Oldsmobile convertible. Great build that lead to an awesome car.


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