1972 Plymouth Baracuda Boosted with a ProCharger F – 2!

Back in the days, some three of four decades ago, we needed to pay a certain amount of fee to enter in amusement park to get a ticket for the individual rides, from where the term E ticket originated. In the case of our man Scott Kruger, no such thing is needed. He has E – body of his own that is powered with a stroker 426 displacing 528 inches.

1972 Plymouth Barracuda

For adventure of this type even a normally aspirated Hemi engine would do just fine, but in the case of Scott and his 1972 Plymouth Baracuda, that is just a small breeze in the air. His monster is coming with a special booster from a crank driven pinwheel in the form of a Pro Charger F – 2, which is a typical example of how car crafters managed to find motivation to break the conventional rules and norms.



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