1972 Plymouth Baracuda Boosted with a ProCharger F – 2!

In 1972 when this Cuda model had come out, most of the new cars were coming with a neutralized horsepower and the powerful Hemi engine was completely dropped. Therefore Scott Kruger decided to go back in history and revision the whole thing with a help and usage of an Indy Cylinder Heads Street Legend engine and iron Hemi block with a massive 41 ⁄ 2 inch bore and a 4.15 inch stroke. There was a compression ration of 8.5 to 1 thanks to the diamond pistons. The 2.25 / 1.94 inch valves were supporting the Indy cylinder and the short block got equipped with a solid roller cam and a complete Indy valvetrain.

1972 Plymouth Barracuda 2

The front suspension is made out of a complete Reilly MotorSports (RMS) AlterKtion front suspension that also includes QA 1 coilover shocks and tubular upper and lower control arms, together with RMS rack-and-pinion steering. On the ‘Cuda’s back, the rear tires are placed with an assistance of a Rancho rear shocks and a pair of CalTracs split monoleaf springs.



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