2 VIDEOS that Will Blow Your Mind! Bike DRIFTING EXCELLENCE – Supermoto Drifting !!!

If you still haven’t made the best of the summer, and you don’t have an idea how to enjoy the summer mood, here is a cool suggestion which will infect you with the automotive virus called – Supermotard.

The Motard is primarily a bike which originated in the 1970s in America. The style of this motorcycle is a mixture of motocross bike with road bike. Motard translated from French means “rider”, so that people who are engaged in this type of sport can freely call it supermoto or supermotard.

For this supers video, the crazy guys from the StuntFreaks Team borrowed some bikes from KTM and had a lot of fun with them! The people from KTM complained a little bit afterthey return the bikes, but who cares! Anyway a full throttle is what the Stunt Freaks are after and what we need to see it too 😀 Enjoy another great performance by the one and only – StuntFreaks Team!

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