HUGE 200 Tons (2000 Hp, 78-Liter) Precision Drift – Ultra Caterpillar 789 Truck Drivers Performs A Spectacular And Genuine Drift !!!

The guys from EMC wanted to do something a little different other than their usual stuff, so they said to themselves, why not try a genuine Gymkhana but this time with mind-blowing 200 tons of power sliding monstrosity otherwise known as a Caterpillar 789 dump truck. Although not the first vehicle which a person usually thinks of when wanting to execute a fantastic drift, but hey why not?

That definitely sounds like a great idea to me. So, they asked Mike Ryan from Motorsports to help them with this spectacular undertaking of theirs and as a drifting vehicle they chose this 200 Ton Mining Truck with 78-litre V16 “Mammoth” engine running on diesel and able to produce 2000 HP!

You should definitely prepare yourself before watching this video. And also don’t forget to place your bets. The most important question which requires an answer right now it: can this heavy metal monster drift? What do you think?


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