CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? 2000HP Dodge Charger Nelson Racing Engines STREET TEST!

Scott Spock together with the Tom Nelson built this unique 1968 Dodge Charger. The project is called Maximus. Unlike many exhibits, the Dodge Charger is still halfway to a new life, but unpainted body adds to the “steepness” of it. The work on its expansion took 1,500 hours! But in the wheel arches fit baggy “rollers”. Stiffness of the new chassis is 4 times higher than the original. The V8 Hemi engine with capacity of 9.4 liters is charged with a pair of twin-turbo intercoolers. Power can be controlled directly from the cabin in the range from 600 to 2000 hp!

When the project will be completed, Maximus can make a quarter mile run in 8 seconds and reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour (322 km/h). If you also add the aero body kit, which is still in the development stage, the top speed can be raised to nearly 420 km/h.

Join Scott Spock as he takes you on a ride along for some street testing while explaining at the same time all the updates with the build of the car so far. It took 7 days to film this great film. The Charger is supposed to be finished before the end of the year.


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