2009 Dodge Viper!

2009 Dodge Viper
Keith Anderson got invited to Real Street Eliminator at the Car Craft Summer Nationals. He had two options available: a Pro-Touring big-block El Camino and a road course-tested `08. So, what would you choose if you were in Keith`s place?

“Light the Viper!” That`s what Keith said.

What`s characteristic of this Viper? It is equipped with 275 and 345/30R 18 rolling pins which leave more space for larger rubber. During the drive, Keith employed heavy-handed horsepower and steady driving technique empowered by a V-10 engine.

The competition escalated when John Boss joined the team with his C4 Corvette with DOT-legal sticky race rubber. John managed to run outstanding 10.879-second run, whereas Keith held the second place with 11. 133. When he finally got to the Launch Box and applied power to torque, the V10 regained its strength which brought John at sixth place and Keith at first place with 4.86-second distance from the second position.

Keith not always had the privilege of driving a Viper. His previous car was the 1970 El Camino that himself built when he was 18. At such a young age, Keith masterfully transformed the Viper in a Pro-Touring Car hitting 148-plus-mph top speeds. The El Camino was redirected to a new owner, whereas the Viper got Keith as its owner.

Engine Specifications:

Standard Engine 8.4L V10
Standard Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Cylinders 10
Horsepower @RPM 600@6100
Fuel Economy Cty/Hwy 12/22
Combined Fuel Economy 16
EPA Class Two Seater
Number of Valves 20
Torque @RPM N/A
Fuel Type System Gas Engine / Sequential Electronic Fuel Injected, Sequential Port Fuel Injected Sequential, Multi-Port Fuel Injected
Turbo (Yes/No) No
Overdrive Transmission
Battery Output N/A
Compression 10.2:1
Displacement 8357/510
Bore X Stroke 4.06×3.96
Cruising Range 256 miles
Final Drive Gear Ratio Opt N/A
Power to Weight Ratio 5.7
Final Drive Ratio No
Valves Configuration Overhead Valve
Supercharged No
Electric HorsePower RPM N/A
Electric Torque Feet Per Pound N/A
Electric Torque RPM N/A
Electric HorsePower BHP N/A


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