2013 Lamborghini Aventador Dieci By DMC Pictures!

DMC has an impressive history of modifying Lamborghini Aventador. To celebrate this, they decided to pay special attention to each tenth unit. The new Aventador “Dieci” (in Italian means ten) was designed for a customer in Kuwait. This Aventador celebrates the 40th DMC-modified Aventador.

2013 Lamborghini Aventador Dieci

The “LP700” badge is put in its name, alluding to this model 700 horsepower performance. However, the Dieci edition has a LP900 tag because DMC boosted the engine`s power to 900.

There are 12 single-intake throttle plates adjusted (one per cylinder). The fuel pumps, injection nozzles, and pressure modulators have been replaced. DMC introduced new wiring and a titanium exhaust system.

The exterior updated equipment involves a restyled spoiler sword and an impressive front-splitter lip, a lightened carbon fiber diffuser, new side skirts, and an added tunnel system.


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