2013 Nissan GT-R Sets New Record On 0-100 kmh In Less Than 3 Seconds!!!

The supercar Nissan GTR has been recently strongly driven by the loud sensation. We have already enjoyed an unofficial video, in which a test of the 2013 release of the GTR encircles the Nordschleife in 7.21 minutes, and drowning in a whirlpool of conflicting information. Here is another great video, only this time from Japan. The charts and figures on it are showing the acceleration to 100 km / h which 550-horsepower Nissan achieves in … 2.84 seconds! And on it is the legendary test driver Takao Matsumoto at the race track Sendai Hi-land Raceway, so everything seems to be on its own. Or again, do we doubt it?

Initially this record was done by GT-R in the segment of track Nurburgring and now the crew from Nissan decided to attack the Porsche in all possible paragraphs.



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