2014 Dodge Durango!

2014 Dodge Durango
Durango is supposed to last just a couple of years from now. Till that time expires, Dodge does not stop cherishing this great familymobile.

The exterior visual changes are not eye-popping. There is the Charger and Dart`s “Racetrack” trademark on the rear light. There have been some settings made for 2014 regarding the grille and bumper.

This car has an 8-speed automatic transmission which leads to a greater fuel economy. What`s new about this model is its Eco mode. Plus, it can tow a heavy baggage. Its capacity measures to 6, 200 lb in V6 models, whereas 7, 400 lbs for the version with Hemi-engines.

Take a look at the magnificent 2014 Dodge Durango.


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