2014 LP700 Lamborghini Aventador V Roadster Aka “The Hulk” On ADV.1 Wheels By Prestige Design & Vorsteiner

In the last period, on the streets of Florida a new, Hulk green Lamborghini can be seen…

It is Lamborghini Aventador Roadster that was presented by Vorsteiner, developed in this shape and form in collaboration with Prestige Imports, Wheels Boutique and Lamborghini Miami.

Its Verde Ithica body paint gave it the looks that resembles a lot like the comic book superhero, so it’s clear whwre the nick name The Hulk came from, or was inspired by. It has 20 inch front wheels and 21 inch rear in a glazy black ADV.1 Reventador M.V1 alloys.

The difference between this one and the ‘regular” Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, it has a different front splitter, a completely new and different sill blades, an aftermarket diffuser and the aero wing was developed exclusively for this car. All this extra custom made parts are made from carbon fiber materials in order to loose on weight.


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