2014 Magnum MK5 Review!

You`re definitely deluded if you think that a mightily delicious ice cream is in question when hearing the “all-new Magnum” phrase. This time, the Magnum refers to something ten times tastier. We proudly present you the brutal Magnum MK5. Canada brings out the jazzier thing since Laura Vandervoort. A top-notch machine that offers grace and power!

2014 Magnum MK5

And that`s not all! Canadian firm, Magnum Cars revealed a thorough description of this high-profile car.

Capturing this car, makes you collocate it with BAC Mono , Ariel Atom, KTM X-Bow, and the VUHL 05. The Formula 1 and Le Mans prototypes serve as an inspiration for this project. The person behind all this elegance is Bruno St-Jacques, the son of Jean-Pierre St-Jacques who is the founder of the Magnum cars company in the 1960s. Bruno is a passionate racecar driver who has decided to design his dream machine.

The MK5 production will be limited to just 20 units per year. It is priced at $139,000. It`s not till late 2014 that customers could place their orders.

Scroll down for a more in-depth review.

2014 Magnum MK5

Exterior Specifications

Bodywork Carbon-Fiber Composite. Easily Removable Front And Rear Sections
Functional Aerodynamics Internal Front Wing, Front Splitter, Flat Underbody, Rear Diffuser
Cargo Area Fits Two Helmets And A Briefcase
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 Liters (9.25 Gallons)
Length 3,914 Mm (154.1 In)
Width 1,884 Mm (74.2 In)
Height 1,069 Mm (42.1 In)
Dry Weight 1,200 Lbs (545 Kg)

2014 Magnum MK5

Interior Specifications

Gauges Steering Wheel-Mounted, Backlit Digital Dash-Display With Integrated Lap Timer And Data Acquisition System
Steering Wheel 310 Mm (12.2-Inch), Weather-Resistant Suede With Quick Release
Seats Carbon-Fiber Composites
Harness Six-Point, Racing-Type
Accessories Rear-View Monitor And Camera

2014 Magnum MK5

Drivetrain Specifications

Type Four-Cylinder
Power 250 Horsepower
Redline 11,000 RPM
Configuration Rear Mid-Mounted, Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission Six-Speed Sequential Gearbox, With Reverse
Differential Limited-Slip
Power-To-Weight 460 Horsepower Per Tonne (417 Horsepower Per Ton)
Acceleration (0-100 KM/H) (0-60 MPH) 3.2 Sec
Maximum Speed 240 KM/H (149 MPH)
Skid Pad > 2 G


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