EMOTIONS ARE DRIFT! Breathtaking Summary Video Of The 2014 Season Of Drift Masters Grand Prix In Poland!

Hardly anyone would think of associating human emotions to the unusual automotive discipline known as drift. Some people might see drift as just a wild barbaric frenzy where people only come to express their anger, fury and waste the tires of the car, or the car itself. But that is only at the surface.

Beyond the superficial perception of drifting, there is much in it. Drifting isn’t just about aggressive and fast driving not considering the consequences. Drifting has an art in itself; to drift are needed quite exceptional skills and wit. People who are engaged in drifting feel the need to excel themselves, to test their limits and move beyond the possible.

In that sense, we present you a beautiful video featuring the summary of the first season of Drift Masters Grand Prix, a new series of drifting competitions organized for the year of 2014 in Poland. The best players, interesting locations, excitement and adrenaline in the master release can be seen on these fantastic events. To do a closure of the season, they created this impressive video which really shows drifting in its true light. We wish them a lot of success in the future and hope you will enjoy watching it!


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