2015 BMW i8 Hybrid – First Impression

A few years ago, when Bavarian automaker announced the production of “I” sub – brand and their focus on electric and plug- in hybrid models, the center of their primary products was revolving around 2 models: smart and wise 2 door hatchback model called “i3” and the provocative and ultra attractive sports coupe with the sign “i8”.

2015 BMW i8 Hybrid

And we have got to say that when we saw the i8 at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show unveiled and in all its glory, the only thing we were able to comment was that it was worth it. Yes, we did have an opportunity to see it in some spy shots that were taken earlier from a test drives provided by the company, but the real thing is something that really takes your breath away.

It is all one fan of the hybrid vehicles can hope for and even more. It has a hundred percent futuristic style and design, great aerodynamics, a radiator exhaust designed with sensible touch at the center of the hood and big scissor opening doors. The C pillars have lateral extensions, rear fenders are vertically extended and the location of the air intakes is at the front of the rear wheels. And there is a new signature in a form of V on the hood that goes all the way from the roof to the rear of the car, which stands for “I” brand.

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