2015 BMW i8 Hybrid – First Impression

2015 BMW i8 Hybrid 4

And to make all of this possible to run as nice and smooth as it looks, BMW has made a liquid cooled lithium ion battery pack which has a capacity of usage of 5 kWh for the juice supply and it is recharging with a 110 volt outlet in a period of three and half hours. And for those of you who keep up with the info about the hybrid cars, you probably already know that BMW take care of its own.

So if you use a higher voltage BMW charging station (which is included and installed for buyers) you can recharge your batteries in two hours. And you can also be in touch with your vehicle all the time, thanks to the smartphone application to monitor and charging control, control the temperature in the cabin and many other things.Go to the next page below to watch the FULL GALLERY and VIDEO…!


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