MASHUP Of 2015 Ford F-150 With Chevy Silverado 6.2L V-8 And The 5.7L Ram HEMI V-8 In An EPIC TOWING TEST VIDEO!!!

The final towing battle is here, on this video we have the all-mighty trucks that will try to win for the crown, top towing truck.

Three contestants on this ultimate test, we have the truck with the smallest but not the less powerful 3.5 liter engine in the 2015 Ford F150. This is one truck that has proven engine doesn’t have to be gigantic so you could get more HP.

It proves that with smaller engine you can tow larger loads, with the same pulling power and speed. The second contestant which has the largest engine of them all, is the Chevy Silverado, a 6.2 liter diesel engine that will try to prove that size matters.

Then there is the last one, featuring a HEMI engine, with 5.7 liters of capacity, the Ram. These three trucks will be put to the test, to see which one will be up for a challenge, and to try to win it.

The competition is hard to win, because three different trucks, with three different engines and technologies will try to win the towing test, out on the road.


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